Farewell, Archiver’s!

On February 15, 2014, the doors opened one last time. Some crafters who has been with them from the very beginning and others who have became loyal customer came one last time for their crop event. Archiver’s was not an ordinary craft stores. This store contained unique and the newest and latest craft supplies that was release from the top designers or companies. They also provided exclusive kits along with demos on the latest tool or supplies that was hot in the industries. I loved the make and takes that they had offered. This was a place we got inspiration and ideas for various projects. It was also an institution for teaching great workshops from card making, scrapbooking, and other craft projects. They were the creators of Scrapfest where they attracted many crafters throughout the United States to the Mall of America in Minnesota with some of the best designers or innovators in this industry. Through Archiver’s and Scrapfest I am part of one the best crafting social networks which consist of people from across the United States. Their staff was always willing to help you find products, give ideas on your project, they were caring, and they were you friend. If you asked my six year old daughter she would tell you that Archiver’s was the best place to get her bling, doodle bug supplies, washi tape, and a lollipop.
A – Albums to store each project
R – Record Keeping for preserving my precious memories
C – Crafting with a Purpose
H – Heating tools to emboss or make other projects
I – Inspiring through my memory keeping
V – Vellum which gives my project the high quality detail
E – Electronic cutting machine to make my designs illuminate on the page
R – Ribbons always adding that special touch and make things pretty
S – Stamps adding that personal affect

My heart sings that old Boyz II Men song……”and I take with me the memories to be my sunshine after the rain. It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.” Farewell, Archiver’s thanks for the memories, the laughs, the ideas, the prizes, and the friendly staff.


4 comments on “Farewell, Archiver’s!

  1. Hi Marlishia, you just made me miss Archiver’s more. Archiver’s Naperville (because it’s the closest to my house) has been part of my crafting life. The staff are super nice and friendly. I drove by the other day and I felt a pinch in my heart….sad to know they’re closed but happy that Archiver’s has been part of many crafters lives.

    • I visited many other locations but I was loyal and did the majority of my shopping at the Naperville location. I loves their staff there as well and I miss them too. I have not been in that area since they closed but I do understand how you feel.

      Hugs my Scrappy friend,

  2. I was lucky enough to go to 3 of the ScrapFests that Archivers held at Mall of America. So Much Fun!!!!!!! I picked up my desk and chair after the close was officially closed, and I was so sad! Hugs, Pat

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