2 Days to Christmas: Singing with a Purpose

The music played during the Christmas season brings hope, love, and joy. This Christmas Season I encourage you to find what song speaks to your heart this year. Maybe this year that song is ‘Silent Night’, ‘O Holy Night’, ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season’, or maybe it’s ‘The First Noel’ or ‘Now Behold the Lamb’. Whatever the song that has touch your heart this season, I encourage your to document it. Yes, you remember it now and maybe a year from now you may remember it still. How about 5 or 10 years from now will you still remember how you felt when you read and song those lyrics? Or how the emotions of joyful tears ran down your face as you song this song throughout the season? Embracing the moment the words flowed out of your mouth and the anointing wrapped around your heart of the true meaning of Christmas 2013 and what it really meant to you. I hope you search deep and find the Christmas melody in your heart this year and share it with others. In my journal this song below that I have written the lyrics of is not a Christmas song. This is a song to me that defines what Christmas 2013 means to me. I love all the traditional and contemporary Christmas songs but this one is the one that is singing in my heart when the music stops and fills my heart with joy and love that the most wonderful Gift anyone can have has been given. Sing a new song and rejoice!



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