7 Days to Christmas: Celebrating Christmas Present

As Christmas is rapidly approaching, I am journaling all the events that has currently taken place this month. My goal is to print all my pictures by the end of the week of all the various things that has currently happened. Some people has been keeping their December Daily while others has done it weekly or as different events occurred during the month that they wanted to scrapbook. There is no right or wrong way to document your memories. For me, daily was not the best way for me to document my memories this year with my very busy schedule. Therefore, my memory keeping is focused as a month project and is still dedicated to its own album. Although, I love how so many of my fellow scrappers has used various styles and number marking each day I have written the date on my journal entry on some of the significant events that has occurred so far. I did not want to held accountable trying to make a page for each day. I have included in this journal the following events: Christmas Decorating, Christmas Musicals, other school events, Christmas at my Church, Christmas parties, preparing Christmas dinner, baking goodies, and whatever else may occur that I feel is documenting worthy. I am planning to finish my album with pictures from Christmas with our families and friends who is coming to celebrate on that day. Even though I approached the way I documented December differently this year; I will still have last year’s album and the year before album for everyone to enjoy and see all the things we did. I hope I have given you ideas and hope you don’t feel overwhelmed this month as you join me in Scrapbooking Christmas in whatever form you preserve your memories. I am Celebrating in Christmas Present!!!!


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