9 Days to Christmas: The Journey to Christmas

Today at church, my Pastor’s message was the Journey of Christmas and it was taken from the book of Luke 2:10. He spoke of how Mary and Joseph lives as they prepared for the birth of Christ. With the commercialism of Christmas, it’s so easy to forget that during this time in history over 2000 years ago it was not the most joyous time. It was not about the best gift under the tree, the bike, or the new hottest video game or game system, the hottest toys, or hottest electronic gift on your wish list, or whatever you desire. This was the journey of a man and woman traveling to Bethlehem enduring an ultimate journey during various weather conditions! They were not sleeping in a warm bed at night, cuddle by the fireplace sipping on hot chocolate, with a Christmas tree decorated in the house, presents under the tree, and checking their list to make sure they bought all the gifts for their families and friends. This Journey of the 9 days leading to the birth of Christ was nothing like how we experience. Can you imagine traveling during now not in a car, train, bus, or airplane but on a donkey or mule hundreds of miles to pay taxes? Walking and riding not in the most comfortable traveling capacities. Then don’t forget that her due date is near and they are not near the nearest hospital or family and friends during this time. She was not going to the doctor every other day. She was not preparing and making sure that the nursery was completed. Can you imagine Mary and Joseph 9 days before she gave birth? Can you picture this journey? I’m a visual person and this is how we have been going through the journey to Christmas with our daughter.

I hope today in your crafting time that you reflect on the Journey to Christmas.


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