Advent Calendars

Are you using an Advent Calendar to count down the days before Christmas? Are you getting ready to count down the days with a Twelve Days of Christmas project? Are you reading a different book every night? Or indulging in a special treat every day? A few friends of mine wrapped books like presents and numbered them and put them under the tree and each day her child gets a new book to read. This is a great way to get children to read but if you love to read books like I do this is a great gift idea for that special book reader in your life. This will be at least a good month of reading. I actually love this idea and plan to incorporate next year. One tradition that we have done the past few years with our daughter is read The Story of Christmas. This is a story book set and Advent Calendar. Each day we read a short story leading to the birth of Christ and that book becomes an ornament for the tree. This year she has her own tree in her room and it is filled with these little books and hand made ornaments. I love Christmas and the best way to teach the true meaning of Christmas is when we teach about the Ultimate gift. How are you preparing for each day leading to Christmas?


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