2013 Reflections

As the year 2013 comes to an end, this year has been a blessing but I am excited to embrace the new one as well. My final journal entry for 2013 is going to reflect in my December journal some of the most important things that has happened to our family or myself or moments of times that has been influential during this time period. I hope you take a moment to reflect on 2013 and be ready to embrace a brand new year filled with creative and inspiring moments.

Have a Safe, Happy, and Creative New Year!


1 Day to Christmas: Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! I hope you are feeling creative and inspire today. I have to wrap a few gifts, bake cookies, bake a cake, and start dinner before Christmas Eve Service. As I was preparing the cookie dough in the early a.m. Moriah took out her journal and wrote what the true meaning of Christmas meant to her this year. As she read back to me what she had written, I was overjoyed to know that she really did understand what Christmas was all about and she had be paying attention to all our conversations. I hope you share more of Christ (Christmas)!

2 Days to Christmas: Singing with a Purpose

The music played during the Christmas season brings hope, love, and joy. This Christmas Season I encourage you to find what song speaks to your heart this year. Maybe this year that song is ‘Silent Night’, ‘O Holy Night’, ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season’, or maybe it’s ‘The First Noel’ or ‘Now Behold the Lamb’. Whatever the song that has touch your heart this season, I encourage your to document it. Yes, you remember it now and maybe a year from now you may remember it still. How about 5 or 10 years from now will you still remember how you felt when you read and song those lyrics? Or how the emotions of joyful tears ran down your face as you song this song throughout the season? Embracing the moment the words flowed out of your mouth and the anointing wrapped around your heart of the true meaning of Christmas 2013 and what it really meant to you. I hope you search deep and find the Christmas melody in your heart this year and share it with others. In my journal this song below that I have written the lyrics of is not a Christmas song. This is a song to me that defines what Christmas 2013 means to me. I love all the traditional and contemporary Christmas songs but this one is the one that is singing in my heart when the music stops and fills my heart with joy and love that the most wonderful Gift anyone can have has been given. Sing a new song and rejoice!


3 Days to Christmas: Let the Cookie Begin

One of my favorite things to do during this season is to bake. I also includes this is my creative and crafting time. I enjoy baking with the assistance of my daughter,Moriah, and my Kitchen Aid (stand and hand) mixers. As I prepare for this holiday season I begin by researching new recipes and still using some old faithful ones as well. With the help of social media the sharing of recipes are easier than ever. One of my goals is to scrapbook with pictures all the various recipes that I use during each Christmas Holiday. My hubby calls me the Cookie Monster and of course our daughter has fallen into my footsteps as well. The cakes, pies, and brownies are good but nothing makes it better than a COOKIE. The baking of various cookies such as chocolate chip, butter, peanut butter, oatmeal cranberry, cut out cookies, spritz, and the list goes on and on just to name a few. There are so many tools to be creative when baking such as: cookie molds, the cut out shapes, rolling pin, cookie press, and piping bag just to start to creativity of baking. I love the aroma that cookies leave in your home as they are baking in the oven. They are easy to transport, make great gifts,and good for sharing at school, work, or just at home in the cookie jar. Also, great for the Christmas party that we’re attending today with over four dozen baked and ready to share.

Share a Cookie this Christmas!

4 Days to Christmas: That’s a Wrap

The stockings are hung with care, the gifts are stashed all over the house, and the list is checked, well checking it twice to make sure all gifts have arrived and accounted for. Now it’s time to make sure all gifts are prepared for wrapping. Do you design you own paper? Do you make your own bows? How about making your own tags? Well a great technique if you have old wrapping paper turn it inside out and use Christmas stamps to decorate it. Also, using distress ink and copics markers will make this paper stand out under your tree. The bow maker tool can make you look like a pro or you can get creative and just let your creativity inspire you. Then the finishing touches of tags can be cut out on your cutting machines such as the circuit, cameo silhouette, cuttle bug, or big shot. I also like to freestyle design of cutting it out on your own. Using color paper, inks, markers, gelato, and glitter with you stamps or embossed designs. Let not only what’s inside the box bring a smile on the recipient face but the presentation before it’s even opened, Now that’s a wrap!

5 Days to Christmas: Crafty Gifts for Young Crafters 2

Shhhh…. Can you keep a secret? Let me give you a sneak peek to another craft gift idea that I have purchased for my daughter at the Scrapbook Expo this summer. This product is called Crafty Bands and this has been created by our friends at Epiphany Crafts. Now, if you already have both the small and large circle Epiphany Craft tools this size is a difference circumference. This would be consider a medium circle size tool. How awesome is that? Now your child can share a tool with you. Your child can use this tool to make interchangeable bracelets to correspond with various styles. This tool is not just to make jewelry but it also can be used to create scrapbook layouts or cards. I’ll post a review on this and share this after the Christmas holiday. I hope you incorporated a crafty gift for someone this Christmas season.


6 Days to Christmas: Crafty Gifts for Young Crafters 1

One of the hottest newest crafty gifts that has hit the youngest crafters by storm is Rainbow Loom. This was a big hit at the CHA and the hottest product not only for girls but boys has taken to this as well. Moriah has had one since this summer and has enjoyed making bracelets, necklaces, rings, and pendants. This hot item can be found at some craft stores or specialty stores. Although the box says for ages 8+, my six year has grasp the concepts and has advanced to the more complicated ones as well. Thanks to YouTube and older friends they have connected and her Christmas list consisted of a second one so she can do even more advance crafts. The rubber bands comes in a variety of colors, tye-dyes, glitter, glow in the dark, neon colors, and jelly. I think this is a great crafty gift.


7 Days to Christmas: Celebrating Christmas Present

As Christmas is rapidly approaching, I am journaling all the events that has currently taken place this month. My goal is to print all my pictures by the end of the week of all the various things that has currently happened. Some people has been keeping their December Daily while others has done it weekly or as different events occurred during the month that they wanted to scrapbook. There is no right or wrong way to document your memories. For me, daily was not the best way for me to document my memories this year with my very busy schedule. Therefore, my memory keeping is focused as a month project and is still dedicated to its own album. Although, I love how so many of my fellow scrappers has used various styles and number marking each day I have written the date on my journal entry on some of the significant events that has occurred so far. I did not want to held accountable trying to make a page for each day. I have included in this journal the following events: Christmas Decorating, Christmas Musicals, other school events, Christmas at my Church, Christmas parties, preparing Christmas dinner, baking goodies, and whatever else may occur that I feel is documenting worthy. I am planning to finish my album with pictures from Christmas with our families and friends who is coming to celebrate on that day. Even though I approached the way I documented December differently this year; I will still have last year’s album and the year before album for everyone to enjoy and see all the things we did. I hope I have given you ideas and hope you don’t feel overwhelmed this month as you join me in Scrapbooking Christmas in whatever form you preserve your memories. I am Celebrating in Christmas Present!!!!

8 Days to Christmas: Holiday Movies

One of my favorite things especially during this time of the year are all the Christmas movies. I will be adding in my December Journal is a list of the holiday movies that are traditions and those new ones we add. I must say that I love the classic movies and watched them very year and cry as if I never seen them before. The all time family classic movies that we must watched are: It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on the 34th Street (the original version), White Christmas, and last but certainly not least a Charlie Brown Christmas. Through the years we added movies such as Home Alone (which is Moriah’s favorite), Home Alone 2, A Christmas Story (which is Shaun’s favorite), Scrooge (with Bill Murray), A Diva’s Christmas, This Christmas, and the list goes on and on. I also love the Christmas movies that are presented on Life Time, Hallmark, and ABC Family. We can watch movies and enjoy each other with big bowls of pop corn and candy. I am looking forward to seeing all the new movies at the Theater this Christmas. A very cute movie that Moriah and I saw this Christmas season was Frozen. This season I encourage you to enjoy the holiday movies with family and friends. I definitely will and then I am going to journal them so each year I see what movies I still watched each year and what new ones were added as well.

9 Days to Christmas: The Journey to Christmas

Today at church, my Pastor’s message was the Journey of Christmas and it was taken from the book of Luke 2:10. He spoke of how Mary and Joseph lives as they prepared for the birth of Christ. With the commercialism of Christmas, it’s so easy to forget that during this time in history over 2000 years ago it was not the most joyous time. It was not about the best gift under the tree, the bike, or the new hottest video game or game system, the hottest toys, or hottest electronic gift on your wish list, or whatever you desire. This was the journey of a man and woman traveling to Bethlehem enduring an ultimate journey during various weather conditions! They were not sleeping in a warm bed at night, cuddle by the fireplace sipping on hot chocolate, with a Christmas tree decorated in the house, presents under the tree, and checking their list to make sure they bought all the gifts for their families and friends. This Journey of the 9 days leading to the birth of Christ was nothing like how we experience. Can you imagine traveling during now not in a car, train, bus, or airplane but on a donkey or mule hundreds of miles to pay taxes? Walking and riding not in the most comfortable traveling capacities. Then don’t forget that her due date is near and they are not near the nearest hospital or family and friends during this time. She was not going to the doctor every other day. She was not preparing and making sure that the nursery was completed. Can you imagine Mary and Joseph 9 days before she gave birth? Can you picture this journey? I’m a visual person and this is how we have been going through the journey to Christmas with our daughter.

I hope today in your crafting time that you reflect on the Journey to Christmas.