Veteran’s Day

What does Veteran’s Day mean to you? Does it means a great sale weekend before Black Friday sales? Does it me a day off from school or work? Does it have any significant meaning for you? Is it just another day for you? Do you know why Americans celebrate this day?

Every November 11th, no matter what day of the week, has been designated as day that we as the American people observe Veteran’s Day. It seems so fitting that November the month of gratitude be the month that we take a specific day to honor and celebrate our American Veteran’s for their service to our country. These men and women who have left their family and friends to serve our country to help to continue to make the United States a better place for us to live.

Today, I am thankful for the many men and women who has served our country. I am especially thankful for my grandfathers, Johnny Mayes, Sr. And Willie D Taylor, who were World War II veterans in the Armed Forces. On this November 11th, my daughter’s school was be honoring all veterans but the entire 1st grade class will be remember them in Name during their time of recognition and each student will put a flag out to recognized them. I wished they could have lived to be here with her so she can enjoy their luncheon for them as well. Don’t forget to honor or say thank you to the service men or women in your life.

Today I Salute you for your dedication and love towards our country. I thank you for Your Service to our Country. Happy Veteran’s Day!


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