It’s All About HIM…the Sweetheart in Your Life…

The holiday of the hearts…. It has been said that Valentine’s Day is for ladies and Sweetest Day are for the men. Like any woman, I love receiving a gift but as much as I love receiving, I also love giving. I like finding that unique thing that really express the lover in your life. This sweetest day, which is the third Saturday of every October, make it extra special for that man in your life. Find something that is unique and out of the box.

Men even though this holiday is more for you, don’t forget that special lady as well. Flowers, candy, clothes, and jewelry are ideal gifts but take that extra step to make the wow and twilight in her eyes the way only you can.

Instead of a card, I made a mini album that I would use as card which was inspired by Kathy Orta. I plan to enclose a few pictures, on the tags I am going write little love letters and coupons for the love of my life, my hubby. Hope this inspire your creative you to do something outside the norm for the lover of your life. Have a Happy Sweetest Day!





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