Craft Loft: Embracing the Fall Season

Are you embracing the Fall Season? I live in the Midwest area and I love the Fall Season. I started in September beginning to prepare for the Fall Season. From the entry of my home and throughout, you’ll find the beautiful colors of oranges, reds, gold tones, green, and browns throughout. This season welcomes the harvest of pumpkins, squash, and various shapes and colors of leaves. Embrace this Season, take the time to take notes of special events that are happening in your life. Also include your family and friends. Capture the photos that express the changes of October and make this festive not only in our homes but also in your crafting. If you planning to visit the Pumpkin Patch this year, make sure you take plenty of pictures to incorporate in your scrapbook pages and don’t forget to add a journal entry. You can also make a mini album or photo card and send a Fall theme card to family and friend. Embrace all the things you love about this time of the year and share with your family and friends. Let the story-teller out and share whatever crafting you love to do. This is the time to collect the leaves, send the cards, make the tags, and decorate your home and embrace the Fall Season with a little caramel apple cider.


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